Meet Alan

Hi. Alan Mauthe here. I am grateful that our paths have crossed and because you are here, I guess you want to get to know me and to understand how I can make a difference when it comes to playing baseball and becoming part of a team.

The first thing you should know is that I'm a humble guy and I have a difficult time talking about my achievements, but I feel I need to share them with those of you who do not know my story. Below, is not written to impress you, but to impress upon you what is possible…for you. So here goes…



I was a kid who was told by the high-performance coaches that I was too small, too weak, too slow, not big enough, not strong enough and not fast enough to play college baseball. Translation: Not Good Enough! Discouraging, right? But, with the encouragement I received from my dad (who knew nothing about the game of baseball at the time), a fire was ignited in me, and so began my journey to prove to the guru coaches, who apparently had a crystal ball, knew what players would make it and what players wouldn’t, that they were wrong!


The guru's were right, because I didn't have a college to go to after I finished high school. But, that didn't stop me because my dad encouraged me (once again) to fight for what I want. So after months of hard work, determination and tenacity, it paid off and I earned the starting shortstop position at Bellevue Community College, which was a very average college at best. These two years gave me more time to develop and earn a scholarship to the top NAIA college in the country (United States). I had the privilege to learn, the time to grow, as I played for legendary Hall of Fame and 16X World Series Champion Head coach, Ed Cheff of Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC), where we won the 1987 College World Series National Championship.


My “time” to develop in college earn me a starting position for four years on the national team. The highlights were competing in the 1987 Pan-American games, and the unbelievable feet of becoming an Olympian, and competing in the 1988 Olympics in Sole, Korea for Canada. Not bad for a kid who was told he wasn’t good enough. Yup, I prove those so called high-performance coaches wrong! Translation: Don’t let anyone hold you back from who you want to become!


I started as a “green rookie coach,” with zero coaching experience, from Canada in the basement of a small sporting goods store to the Boston Red Sox. After 12 years as an academy owner, in 2002 I was hired by the Boston Red Sox organization as a hitting coach and video analysis expert for the entire minor league system. Winning the 2004 (after a 86 year drought) and the 2007 World Series Championships Seasons we're two more feats that I could only have dreamed of. Translation: If you’re a parent or coach, who has no coaching experience (like me) don’t let those limiting beliefs hold you back! Heck, if I could go from a basement to Boston there’s plenty of hope for you too.


While coaching professionally, there was something still missing in my heart. I wanted to give back and help families understand how to design their destiny on their journey. So I retired from the organization after the 2007 World Series Championship Season, to pursue my passion and my purpose, which was to empower families with the knowledge, tools, and strategies, so that they could help their kids achieve (even far exceed) their dreams. But more importantly, how to overcome all the adversity that comes with this crazy game. Regardless if your kid is just trying to get to the next level, becoming all star for the first time, play college ball, becoming an Olympian, professional, or major leaguer, I've help players reach every one of these levels. These players (like your kid) just wanted to get a little bit better each day. It was the time on their journey that would define their destiny and tell their story. What do you want your kids story to be, one of agony, or one of defeat? Translation: Your kid needs your help more than they know!


I believe you can accomplish anything with the right mindset, heart, vision and mentorship. It took tenacity, commitment, passion and grit to pursue my dream of playing college baseball and beyond. It's those same characteristics that have inspired me over the past 25 years to find a better way to help players train, so that they can triple their productivity in 1/3rd the time and with less effort. And, to bridge the gap between players and parents, because this is the secret to 10X their progress as a player. The biggest takeaway I have learned over the past two plus decades is this... a winning team begins at home. My motto is simple… Together We’re Better!


I'm deeply grateful for those who have believed in me all these years, and for those who mocked me, because that ignited the passion and competitive spirit in me to achieve my dreams on my journey. Even though back in the day (as a young player) when I had nothing good to say about those negative, destructive and demoralizing gurus,  today as I have matured in my adult life, I want to say thank you for the inspiration. It is with this same spirit and conviction that I hope to inspire you to chase your dreams and fight fearlessly for what you want! My Final Translation: What negative coaches SAY means NOTHING...what you DO means EVERYTHING!



I hope my story has given you some inspiration to believe in what you want for your kid and how you are in control of your kids destiny regardless of what others say or think. If you decide one day that you want some help getting there, you have come to the right place. So, I'll finish with this, take control of your kids life...TODAY!

You’re friend, Alan Mauthe