Why Video Analysis?

The short answer is, if you can't see it... you can't fix it. The truth is, the swing is too fast for the naked eye to see the problems that make the biggest difference.  

Ask Your Kid These 5 Questions...

  1. How often does your coach video your hitting and analyze it with you?
  2. Have they analyze the 3 Core Hitting Fundamentals with you?
  3. Did they show you the problem areas you need to fix?
  4. Did they give you a simple step-by-step plan to fix the problems?
  5. And, did they show you how in the correct order of importance?

Now don't be alarmed if your kid look at you like you're from Mars, or they have this look on their face like "what the heck are you talking about dad / mom?"

See coaches rarely (if ever) do video analysis and it's the most critical first step to see your kids true hitting problems. If you don't know what the problem is, how can you fix it?

As the video analysis expert in the Boston Red Sox organization my responsibility was to train the entire minor league coaching staff how to shoot and analyze video. The old school coaches who had been coaching pro ball for decades would say, "I don't need video to see what the problem is." After I trained them for 4 weeks during spring training here's what they said next. "I wish I would have had this 20 years ago."

My goal is to help you learn how to shoot and analyze your kids hitting so you don't need to rely on the coach, or spend hundreds of dollars each year (or month)  having a professional like me do it for you. Here are the 3 Core Fundamentals that I will analyze for you. From there, you simply have to model and copy the exact steps I did during your analysis.


STEP 1: Strong Athletic Position

I will analyze and give you feedback on...

  • Triangle: feet, knees and hips
  • Square: Torso and shoulders
  • Circle: Head and eyes

Picture: After seeing here first video analysis she was able to adjust from a Weak to Strong Athletic Position. 

STEP 2: Explosive Lower Body

I will analyze and give you feedback on...

  • Hips
  • Front leg and foot
  • Back leg and foot
  • Body alignment

Picture: Five year of doing it the wrong way to learning the right way after his first session.

STEP 3: Six Steps to the Perfect Swing

I will analyze and give you feedback on...

  1. Leverage
  2. Connection
  3. Bat lag
  4. Inside the ball
  5. Contact
  6. Extension

Picture: These steps are a little more challenging. It helped this athlete go to the Little League World Series. 


Analyze Your Performance Gears

Do you remember a time when your kid absolutely CRUSHED the ball and hit it harder and farther than they normally do? 

That was likely the time all their gears were perfectly in sync. It's kind of like a high performance sports car, when all the gears are in sync it maximizes power, speed and optimal performance.

Hitting is the same way. To maximize bat speed and optimal swing performance the gears (3 steps above) MUST be in sync to produce the greatest amount of power.

How It Works...

It's as easy as taking a picture and emailing it to a friend. Simply shoot a short 60 second video and email it, I'll do the rest. Downloaded the FREE Video Analysis Guide, follow the simple quick start section and you'll be done in 5 minutes or less. Once I receive your video I will...

  1. Analyze all your kids swings...
  2. Determine the most important swing for a complete analysis...
  3. Analyze it with voice over and illustrations to highlight your kids problem areas...
  4. Wrap-Up with the top 3 things your kid need to fix...
  5. Explain what to do next and where to go to fix your problems.

This will give you clarity, confidence, and peace of mind knowing you're doing the right things in the correct order of importance. You can expect your completed  analysis in your inbox within 24 to 48 hours.

Taking Out The Guess Work!

The swing is too fast for the naked eye. If you want to see your kids true problem areas this is the only way how! If you're relying on the coach to see the problem, that's a BIG mistake!




This is a basic overview for those who want a professional analysis (or second opinion) to pinpoint their hitting problems.

I'll analyze the 3 Core Fundamentals which include...

  1. Strong Athletic Position
  2. Explosive Lower Body
  3. Swing Path

Plus, I will analyze your gears to see if minimizing or maximizing your power. More Power = More Hits!





The Next Level, are four basic hitting tests so we can establish your kids strengths and weaknesses.

Plus, it allows you more time to learn how to analyze your kid in small bite size pieces without the overwhelm.

Video 1: Foundation

Video 2: Middle pitch location

Video 3: Outside pitch location

Video 4: Inside pitch location

Note: We may alter your routine based on what is best for you!


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