Helping Families Achieve What They Really Want!


Where Do You Want To Be?

Building Blocks - There are 4 Building Blocks and each one accounts for 25% of your kids progress and unfortunately most coaches only teach one of them. If you want the TRUTH, see why your kid is where they are at and how to get to where they want to be, this could be life changing experience you have been looking for.  

Your First Step. You don't need to be great to get started but you need to get started to become great. You can do this even if you don't know anything about hitting.

Mini-Transformation Achievements. This is what you do TODAY! They're small incremental achievements ONE step at a time. Each step in the right direction gets you one step closer to where you want to be.

Optimal Achievements. This is your REWARD and what you EARN from the accumulation of your mini-transformations / achievements. 

The Perfect Plan. Lets take a look at the 4 Building Blocks to the Perfect Plan. This is the same framework I use to teach families (like you) who invest $3,000 to $6,000 to learn. It was designed to help families achieve, even far exceed what they once thought was impossible. 

The Perfect Plan

  1. CORE - WHAT to do first.
  2. CONFIDENCE - HOW to do it the right way.
  3. CLARITY - WHY your kid is where they're at.
  4. COMMUNITY - WHO to lean on for support.


1. WHAT To Do First

Here you'll discover if what you're doing is moving you closer to where you want to be, or if it's holding you back from what you really want. We will discuss...

  • Your routine...
  • Do you have one...
  • What is it...
  • Is it giving you the results you want...
  • If not, what changes need to be made?



Here we will assess your mindset.  Most kids HOPE train which creates bad habits, bad habits create poor performance and poor performance is what KILLS CONFIDENCE.  This is so POWERFUL it applies to ALL skillsets, sports, school, even everyday life!

  • Are you HOPE training...
  • Are you investing your time or wasting it...
  • Do you have PURPOSE with everything you do...
  • Do you have a strategic PLAN that works...
  • How to PREPARE for every rep and set...
  • How to measure your PROGRESS...

Discover the four P's to Tripling your Productivity in 1/3rd the Time.  

3. WHY Your Kid Is Where They're At

Here we will assess WHY your kid is where they're at. This will give you CLARITY on some of the things you may think are the best choices for your kid, but are they? We will take a closer look at the following... 

  • The pros and cons of team coaches
  • The pros and cons of camps, clinics and showcases...
  • The pros and cons of private lessons... 
  • The pros and cons of YouTube and Google videos 
  • Are you investing, or is it costing you time and money?
  • How to become a better baseball / softball parent.

4. WHO To Lean On For Support

It's unfortunate but true that youth associations, coaches and parents are rarely on the same page. There's no continuity, too many mixed messages, there's no plan in place, and that's why it's not your kids fault that they are where they're at. And, it's a shame because it doesn't need to be this way!

Personally, I think this is ridiculous because kids would be so much better if everyone could work together, support each other and establish a community (or culture) where everyone wins together. The truth is, this doesn't happen and your kid is paying the price!

My mission is to bridge the gap between, associations, coaches, parents and players, but until that day comes, I would be happy to support you.

What Else Can You Expect?

Great Experience: As you can see, during our Discovery Session this will likely be the most complete and comprehensive assessment you and your kid have ever experienced and it's a great experience to boot.

Educational: If it seems a tad overwhelming to you, then this is good news. Why? Because it simply means you, your son or daughter need to continue your education. That's what I do.

PhD: Keep in mind learning the mechanics is the easy part, it's like elementary school. Learning the Perfect Plan is the first step towards your PhD.  

I Want You And Your Kid To Succeed!

I'm not one of those guys who claims I have a quick fix or magic pill, so if that's what you're looking for I can't help you.

If you're the type of parent who wants to invest a little time and effort into your kids future, even if you don't know anything about hitting, I would be happy to help you and your son (or daughter) with YOUR Perfect Plan so you can move closer to what you really want.

The Next Step: Once you register and submit your self-evaluation I will take approximately 30 minute to do a thorough analysis for you so I can get clarity on why your kid is where they're at and see where they want to be. Then we will get on a discovery call (phone, Skype or FaceTime) where I will share my discoveries and give you a personal assessment so you have the same clarity. Here's why the discovery call is important...

Your Needs Come First

  • It gives you as a parent and opportunity to see what I do, how it's different from your typical team / camp / clinic training and if it's the right fit for you.
  • It gives your kid an opportunity to see first hand if this is something they feel can help them and if it's something they want to pursue.
  • It's a minimal time commitment and financial investment for your family to see if this is what you are looking for.

It Also Helps Me Decide...

  • If you and your kid are the type of people who would be committed to do it the right way.
  • If we click and if we can see a win win relationship working together.
  • If you're ready and the right fit to be accepted into The 20/20 Vision Family Project.


Special Limited Time Offer

My time is limited to 10 sessions per week, so if you want to get a Jump Start I highly recommend you take action now.



  • Complete and submit your Self-Evaluation.
  • 30 Minute Analysis of your self-evaluation prior to our discovery call so I have clarity on why you're where you're at and where you want to be.
  • 25 Minute Discovery Session. This is an overview where I will give you my assessment on why you're where you're at so you have the same clarity and what you should do next.



  • Complete and submit your Self-Evaluation.
  • 30 Minute Analysis of your self-evaluation prior to our discovery call so I have clarity on why you're where you're at and where you want to be.
  • 45 Minute Discovery Session. Here we dig deeper where I help you with any challenges, fear, frustrations and limiting beliefs that hold most families back. And, how to get what you and your kid really want!

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